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brace-5 row I thoroughly enjoy making the Chan Lu style bracelets that are so popular these days, but have ventured into something a bit different. The bracelets shown above also use leather and wrap, but only go around the wrist one time due to the width. The bracelets lounging upon the rock in the photo are all the three row style and those below are five rows. This style utilizes square knots (macramé) at the beginning and end of the bracelet. You can create a pattern or simply stick with one color. The tutorials for these bracelet come from Alisha of Beadifulnights.
The video is very well done and most beaders will find it easy to follow. I use a very soft 2mm ultra micro fiber cord that I purchase from Magpie Gemstones I used the Greek leather cord for a couple of these and prefer the micro fiber cord due to the way it drapes. It comes in various colors and at this writing, you can get 10 yards for $5.95. I can definitely handle that! Give these a try if you like the look, but BEWARE! These are fun to make, quick to finish and the process is very addictive.

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  1. What a great video! Thanks for linking to this, as well as Alisha’s other tutorials. I’m only half-way through watching this, but it’s probably the clearest and most well-explained of all the ones I’ve watched out there in nebby-nebby land. (I’m still having a problem conceptualising the Internet, in particular which dimension it occupies.)

    I’ve seen some incredibly cool bracelets that I had no idea how to make — well, I figured on some type of loom — but no idea what they would be called in order to find tutorials. I’d even thought of buying a regular loom and skipping notches. Alisha’s, I can have a friend cobble up.

    I just got an order on Thursday including doeskin leather from Magpie for other purposes (guess I’ll have to make another order), but have looked long and hard at and wondered about the micro fibre in particular for the Chan Luu style bracelets, especially the colour range. I have a thing against synthetic anything, but on the other hand, the truth is that the micro fibre would look much nicer longer and last a whole lot longer. I’ve been using black waxed cotton as the default string for my adjustable pendant necklaces, but the micro fibre colours would make a nice alternative to offer my customers.

    Thanks for writing about this. As always, I admire everything you do.


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