Fun with Fiber

From time to time I have attempted to add fiber to my designs, but haven’t had much luck. I’m not sure whether I just don’t like the look of fiber or I don’t like the look of fiber the way I use it. My bet is on the latter! Yet, seeing the fiber adorned designs of other jewelry makers participating in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup, mentioned a few posts ago, I decided to try again.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Britex Fabrics (  in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. My daughter and I had allotted ourselves 45 minutes before we needed to hop a trolley and move on. It wasn’t enough time! There are multiple floors to this shop but I went straight up to the third floor filled with notions. I was pretty overwhelmed by the ribbons, trims, cords and buttons and had to keep talking to myself about remaining focused on what I needed. The pieces below utilize a couple of the ribbons I purchased.

The pendant for the blue piece below is polymer clay and made by Nora Pero of Austin, TX. I intended to use the ribbon around the back of the piece, but used too many beads and then realized it wouldn’t show. I’m pleased with the colors.


The bright piece below is whimsical and initiated with the torch enameled owl. I like the amber in it and appreciate the lightness it brings both in color and weight. I also used some faceted carnelian which hangs from the handmade chain. I thought the ribbon was a good match.


The challenge for me with fiber seems to now be how to do something besides a side bow. The additional challenge is to find one of the boutiques I serve or an independent customer who will like the look of fiber.

4 thoughts on “Fun with Fiber”

  1. Love the top necklace and the bow is so unexpected, but perfect and makes the whole thing something “more”.

    Did you make the chain maille portion or is that a premade chain? Great minds think alike in any event hahaha — I was fooling around with some new shiny copper jump rings a week ago and made a floppy triple-stacked Japanese chain maille ring and bracelet before I ran out of rings. The bracelet was supposed to be a necklace…

    Mixing everything up the way you did is so purty.

  2. Barbara – the chain on the top necklace was purchased. I decided I needed to quit making ALL my own chains even though I enjoy doing it. It’s funny how necklaces sometimes end up the size of bracelets . . .

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