I enjoy making handmade chains. If my hands would hold up, I could sit for hours twisting “S” links and making jump rings; yet I wanted something a bit different for the design below. As it developed, I began to picture a vine running along one side toward the wearer’s neck. First I made the chain without beads on the vine, but now I think it’s better adorned with them. See what you think.

vine sweet pea

My friend from Magpie Gemstones , made a few suggestions and I think the design is working now. Another friend named the above necklace “Sweet Pea”.

Below is another version. You can also see that I’ve played with the use of different size jump rings to add a bit of interest.

vine lapis

My analogy for the initial necklace may be a stretch, but here goes any way. As so many of us gather with family members and/or friends this special time of the year, it seems to me that we are vining. Vines often reach toward their nourishment whether it is sunlight or water and it seems that people do the same. We lean towards those who nourish us by listening, caring and sharing our lives. While we may originally “vine” in one direction, later that part of the growth may wither and we vine in another direction depending upon our needs. I watch my ivy houseplant do the same thing. It grows well in one direction and then I notice it withers and needs trimming. Once trimmed, it angles off toward something else. It doesn’t seem to inhibit the plant as it takes the process in stride. As we traverse our own growth including changes in relationships and in families, it may be important to consider new directions or perhaps to better nurture those old ones. I think we just need to keep vining.

5 thoughts on “Vining”

  1. I think the viney look is fantastic. Yeah, funny about the hands, eh? I thought wirework would be easier on my hands than 10 or 12 hours a day typing, but, uh, no. It’s way worse! But I still prefer playing with wire to typing.

    I prefer the Sweet Pea pendant over the blue one which seems to have too much going on, but I do prefer the blue beads.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  2. I really like the “Sweet Pea” design and how the beaded sections flow from one side to the other. There is a beautiful fluid movement to this necklace,. I too, like to make my own chains.

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