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I’ve been remiss in not sharing a little success via this venue. This month, October-November, Step by Step Wire Jewelry published one of my pieces. Below is their photo of my Tri-Loop Necklace.


This example was made in sterling silver with lovely amethyst stones from Magpie Gemstones ( There’s a very long period of time between having something accepted by a publisher and actually seeing it in print. The publication also contains my complete tutorial for the necklace where you can find out the sneaky way I make those tri-loops. These are NOT made on a jig.

My friend, whose sister works for Disney, calls this the hidden Mickey necklace. Just look at all those ears. She purchased one for her sister in copper and it looks great. I was pleased to see it. Someone who read the magazine also sent me a photo of her version of the necklace. If you make one, why not send me a picture too?

Also, I have another piece that should be out in the same publication in a couple of months. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

7 thoughts on “In the News”

  1. This is beautiful! It always amazes me in playing with wire how a simple shape, repeated many times, can look so beautiful and elegant. The amethysts look great with it. Not too much, not to little. Congrats on getting into Step By Step!

  2. Congrats! Wire is not my thing, so when I see what people can do with it I am always amazed. Congrats again!

  3. Your design is amazing, I made several of these for the women in my family for Christmas and they all loved the necklace. I made some out of copper, bronze and silver with different colored beads. They were a huge hit. Thank you so much for your idea

  4. Thanks for your note Mary. I’m glad you have enjoyed using this design. By the way, I have a “hug wrap” for cabs coming out in March (I think) and a Tiara necklace in August.

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