I made the pendant on the above necklace in preparation for the upcoming Cold Connections class that I’m teaching. It has a nickel silver back disk and I used a scrap book punch to cut the star hole out of a light gauge piece of copper which was dunked in liver of suphur. I riveted this to the silver. Then I got a little carried away with this star idea. I riveted a couple of other disks and wired more stars to the piece. I wanted a “Texas” Starry Starry Night. The beads are turquoise briolettes and spiney oyster barrels. The components hang from a purchased black chain.

Part of the difficulty with a piece like this is figuring out when to stop. I prepared more riveted stars and considered using more little silver components, but enough was enough! Two of those pieces are now earrings. I’m trying to learn that one consideration is designing a piece is the size of the person who will likely wear it. I wanted to wear this piece and since I’m only 5’1’’ I can’t have anything too big. This is about all the dangle my neck can handle!

This is the first time I’ve made a true “theme” piece. I supposed as a Texas necklace it might have included boots and an armadillo, but that’s just a bit too themey for me – don’t you think? Would Van Gogh be disgusted by the idea?

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  1. Van Gogh would have either been very flattered or so whacked out on absinthe that he was beyond caring, but I think it’s terrific – love your mix of turquoise and spiny oyster with it all, too!

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