Bracelets Galore

I’m beginning to think there are more people who like to make bracelets than there are people who like to wear them. (Let’s hope not!) I subscribe to a number of daily jewelry newsletters and you might not believe the number of bracelets that are featured each week. But then . . why not . . . bracelets are often quicker to make and require less materials . . . and, if I were to tell the truth, I’d have to admit I really like to make them too.

One of my beginner classes made bracelets the other evening and we were quite proud of ourselves. These were the traditional wire bracelets with bindings.


The participants made the bracelet on the upper left corner of the photo.

Measurements for these bracelets seems to be the trickiest part. I’ve made a good number of them that didn’t quite fit my wrist correctly.

Last week, I set out to write a tutorial for the bracelet below. It looks easy doesn’t it?  Well, it was NOT easy to write.


There are a number of variables in the bracelet that effect the length and you know how I hate to measure! Yet, I did measure very carefully and finally nailed this tutorial. It seems to be pretty foolproof now and the bracelet isn’t that hard to create once you know the measurements. I also fussed with the clasp on this one and finally chose my pirate’s hook that I use on the wave bracelets. This makes it easier to get on and off.


Now the trick is to quit making these for myself. I keep finding so many variations that it’s hard to move on to the next design project. Don’t be surprised if these pop up again . . . I’m resisting closure on them.