Fun Problem Solving

I’ve enjoyed seeing the numerous posts by Facebook friends showing the joy of seeing family during the holidays. I’ve also had a great time, the last few days of which have been playing with the grandboy. I told his Mom and Dad a little white one, saying that I thought they might enjoy having some time to themselves. Yet, the truth was that I wanted to see that boy!

We had a super time, but we kept coming back to one of our preferred activities, hiding and finding objects.  We had been reading Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg and decided to make our own Eggbert and friends. While he thought we should do it with real eggs, I fortunately convinced him to draw faces on some plastic Easter eggs.  We made Eggbert, Egg-guy, Egg-gal and Rocko. I have no clue about that last name.

After we had hidden those characters many, many times, it became clear that the activity could go on forever. By the second day of it, I really needed to do some computer work and had an idea.  I helped him learn how to hide and find those eggs by himself. You see, when you wear the “Wild Things” cap, you are the hider.

g hider

But, when you remove that hat, you forget where the eggs are and become the hunter . . .

g seeker  G seeker2

It worked like a charm and he was a good actor, pretending he had no idea where the eggs were hidden. I finished my computer task and we were off to another activity.

Today, he’s back with his parents and I just have those silly eggs. . . I wonder if that “Wild Things” hat would work for me . . . .

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