Most of you know that post back surgery, I’ve been doing a great deal of walking. Even last week, when I got a positive report from my surgeon, he still said walk, walk, walk! On one of my 2 1/2 mile moseys around the ranch, I ended up on the banks of one of our back tanks. I was huffing a bit from climbing the hill leading to it when I heard a splash. I quickly looked to the water and although I didn’t see the splasher, I did see the after effect. . . nice concentric ripples moving away from a center. They grew ever larger until eventually there was nothing left to see. The water was still again. It struck me that one little start, a dip by a bird or a dunk by a frog, could lead to the ever widening circles on the water.

Throughout this season’s art shows, shopping and gatherings, I’m reminded that we also have a ripple effect on others. It doesn’t take but one grumpy person to send a whole group into the complaining mode. It’s almost like “one up-man-ship” when the complaining starts (my problem is bigger than yours). On the other hand, one happy and appreciative sole can definitely send that ripple in a positive direction.

One of my Facebook friends shared the video below that sent positive ripples in my direction. While the piano in the video is inanimate, it is controlled by a human sending joyful ripples to those willing to partake. Alas, there was one grump!

I hope you enjoy this video and it send positive ripples your way.

As the season rushes to a close, it is my hope that the ripples you both give and receive will be happy ones.

Thanks for reading.