Here a Duzy, There a Druzy, Everywhere a . . .

I like to use a druzy now and then in a piece of jewelry; yet when showing it to a customer, I usually end up explaining the term. Wilkipedia says that “In geological usage druse or druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein . . . or geode.”I think that’s a pretty neat occurrence. . .  it’s something beautiful and sparkly where there may have been little of interest previously.


In the past, I’ve mainly worked with gemstones that contain small pieces of druzy yet the color of the stone remains predominant. Lately, however, I’ve found a few druzies where the crystalline formation is large enough to stand on its own. They are somewhat delicate with which to work and I’ve done my best to capture them in bezels that will protect the structure.



I’ve been told that dying the coablt druzy, shown above, is rather difficulty, but I’m certainly pleased with the the perseverance of the lapidary artist who cut this one.

Is there a druzy in your future?

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  1. There might be a druzy in my future, if I could find a nice pendant of it somewhere. Most of the druzy quartz I’ve come across so far is fake. I’m not sure if the ones I saw today are fake or not, though. I’ll have to look into it some more.

    By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of bead chips are those with the green druzy pendant in the first picture? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any like those before.

  2. Hello, Both of these duzies are from but I don’t know if they still have any at this time. You can trust them to be authentic if they saw they are.
    Regarding your second question . . . The color may be slightly off on your computer. That first druzy is a golden citrine and the chips I used for the strand are citrine and tiger eye. Is this the one you ask about?

    I’m always please to answer questions. It there’s every something I don’t want to share, I just don’t post it.

  3. Okay, thanks! Yes that is the one I was asking about, and now that you say it’s tigers eye, I took a good look at the picture and I can see the striations in the beads. Thanks for letting me know what it was!

  4. Wow Karen! The results of your playing & experimenting time are gorgeous! I especially like the look of the citrine piece.

    My boys & I visited a gem & mineral show last week and saw some amazing wire wrapped large druzy specimens hanging as pendants. I love the natural look and texture they bring!

  5. I have a druzy at the moment….. it is giving me fits with my jewelry making process…. it is this gorgeous purple and gold… I just CANNOT seem to find the right “setting” for it… I have never worked so hard at a piece of jewelry before…. Any thoughts?

  6. Billie, I understand. A druzy can be a real problem because it’s usually bumpy and misshapen. I’ve had very little lucky trying to wire wrap them, but do better with the soldered bezel setting. Have you considered trying prongs instead? I like the settings with sheet metal on the back and then cuts in certain spots on the outside edges to create prongs that go over and hold the stone. Good Luck.

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