Out on a Whim


Whimsy. . . an excessively playful expression . .

I think the title fits the fun I’ve been having making woven copper branches and adorning them with depictions of nature.

The woven branch idea happened quite by chance. I was meeting a friend and knew I would be too early for our appointed time; so, as usual, I took along some wire work. Yes, I’m worse that a compulsive knitter! I planned to work on a bracelet like those shown in a recent blog. I cut the wire strips and copper sheet before leaving the house and stuck them in my bag. Unfortunately, when I pulled things out in the car to work on the bracelet, I had left the sheet out of the bag. So, there I sat in the Academy parking lot wondering what I could do with four 9 inch lengths of heavy copper wire and a spool of 26g weaving wire.

Yes, I could have just sat there and waited patiently, but creataholics don’t do that! I put those four heavy wires together like a column and started weaving around them in a circle. The pattern was rather addictive and fun to try. Later, when I returned to the piece, I realized it resembled (in my imagination) a branch and I added leaves here and there.


I had already made couple of little torch enameled butterflies and they lit right on that branch. Whimsical?

The next day I tried 5 base wires in the column and liked it better, although it took longer to complete. I used an owl bead on this one.


Now I’m filled with ideas pertaining to other things that need to go on these branches. Yet, I guess I’d best see if anyone else likes them first. Even if they aren’t winners, it good to go out on a “whim” once in a while!

4 thoughts on “Out on a Whim”

  1. I love your branch work! I have tried to carry work with me when I will have time to wait. Sometimes it works out and some times it doesn’t. Really cute!

  2. Finny you should post this now as I was just working on a similar pattern! Still in weaving practice mode right now and I love your additions of the butterflies and the owl.

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