Retreat . . . How would you define it? The dictionary offers several ways including “movement back” and “withdrawal from position”. Neither of these describe the upcoming weekend event.

The Hill Country Bead Society is having a RETREAT this weekend at the Old Quilt Ranch in Wimberley and I’ll be teaching two classes. This is the group’s fifth year and they always provide good food, fun and camaraderie. What more could you want – except good classes.     

The pictures below shows just a few of the possibilities students can make in the “Hot Earrings” class. I designed this class so students who have taken the beginning soldering class can practice their skills. Some students may choose to enlarge an earring design and create a pendant as shown in the second photo.

Hot Earrings2



The other class is Torch Enameling II. We’re working with sgraffito, making and using enamel shards and using transparent enamels for the first time. It’s always fun to see what participants come up with as I encourage them to do their own designs rather than copying mine.

enameling new earrings

Looking farther into the definition of “retreat”, I found “quiet time” and “quiet place”; yet, neither of these describe the upcoming weekend. I’m thinking retreat can also mean “to get away from the usual, leaving regular chores behind in order to relax, renew vision and gather with like minded people.” It sounds good to me. Now I’m off to pack supplies.