Strange Happenings at Dreamcatcher Ranch

These things have happened over time - the last year and a half to be exact. Once we found dinosaur footprints on the floor of the house and another time a note led us to a science experiment in the wagon. On a separate occasion there were cow prints strewn about and then there were those ants (raisins) that crossed the carpet and led to the sugar bowl.

Today, however, there was something different. At first we didn’t see it, but then at snack time it caught our eye. What was that gold ribbon doing hanging out of the refrigerator? Do you see it down at the bottom?


We followed the ribbon and found a piece of paper at the other end.


I asked my grandson what it was and he retorted that he didn’t know because he couldn’t read. He’s four. He suggested that I should read it. Since I remained silent, he simply followed the ribbon back to the fridge and . . .


. . . found it connected to a bowl of something strange. “It looks like mashed potatoes,” he said. What do you think?


Upon close examination and a quick read, we finally determined that we had cookie dough in our refrigerator. We learned what to do with it by reading the paper, but I’m not sure it told us to stick our fingers right in. It is, however, impossible to roll those little sugar cookie balls without getting messy and there’s only one thing to do about messy fingers . . . lick them!


In the end, we had good sugar cookies which we decorated with a dollop of cream cheese and a blackberry. We put a tiny bit of cool whip on each prior to eating. Tomorrow, I’m told, we are continuing our “experiment” by trying a different topping. I can hardly wait to see what that will be. I think I may have heard something about peanut butter.

I just wish we knew why these unusual things happen at our house and why they only happen when the grandson is here. . . hmm . . . any thoughts? Do these things happen at your house too?

2 thoughts on “Strange Happenings at Dreamcatcher Ranch”

  1. oh my goodness, thank you!!! I haven’t smiled in months (I lost my son)…and this gave me a HUGE smile!! Absolutely FABULOUS!! He must have some magic following him around;)

  2. I’m pleased I could make you smile and also sorry that you must go through this grieving. This little one is so much fun — tonight we made biscuits and a BIG mess!

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