Today is my birthday and I can truly say that I don’t look more than a day over 63! I’m not writing this to solicit greetings since I’ve received a good many already and am appreciative of the messages and singing. I write this to tell you about my mother.

Most readers know that my mother, who will be 92 in a couple of weeks, has been in the nursing home for 8 years. It has allowed us more time together than we have had since I left home so long ago. I see her for nice visits in a nearby town at least twice a week and try to help her through this difficult final journey in her life.

Today, when I arrived for my visit, she said, “it’s your birthday!” I didn’t think she even knew what date it was and was surprised by this remembrance. She told me that she awoke this morning and knew it was my day. Then she worried about what gift she could give me. I’ve told her every year for the past ten that birthing me was quite enough. Yet, today she felt the need to give something more.

She explained to me that she couldn’t go shopping but wanted me to have “this.” She held up her little finger and pointed to her special ring. She’s worn this ring for as long as I can remember and I’ve always loved it. I didn’t want to take it, but could see that it was important for her to give it.

It took considerable effort and hand crème to get the ring off her finger, horribly gnarled by arthritis, but she was determined. Then I worried whether it would even fit me – it did. It fits my little finger just as it did hers and her actions touched me more deeply than she will probably ever know.


Of course she has touched me deeply before. I still her voice at times when I’m making a decision or need to turn a corner. As an only child, I received all the nurturing and encouragement she had to give. Now, as very slow dance partners, the lead has changed from her to me, but we both know where I learned the right steps.

Today, I will proudly wear her ring and be glad that I am blessed. Thank you Mamaw!

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  1. I was deeply touched by your lovely story about your Mamaw.
    It made me think of my Mother whom I lost 3 years ago New Years day. She too had special jewelry she had worn for many years that meant so much to her as she received it from my Father. I have worn that bracelet since the day she passed and will never remove it till I will know my time is up and I will pass it on to my daughter. Each time I look at it I think of all the love she gave me , I kow you will do the same. Sincerely

  2. I was touched by this story too. In recent years, my Mom has taken to giving me one piece of her jewelry every year. I am so grateful for these gifts – and most importantly – I really love receiving the gifts from her now – instead of as a dying gesture. I know that she can see me enjoy these special pieces of jewelry and we can share memories of when she wore or received them. God bless – and Happy Birthday!

  3. An absolutely beautiful story. You are so fortunate to have such a cherished relationship with your mother. Your words brought tears my eyes as I remember all the missed opportunities with my own mother. Even though she and I have long been estranged, she gave me the most precious gift in my sister who is the light of my life.

    May you always have loving memories of your mother.

  4. What a wonderful story. I’m sure that you will always treasure your new ring and it will always bring great memories of your mother to you. Happy Birthday!

  5. What a blessed birthday present! I know you both will enjoy the gifts from this one gift. Happy Birthday to you.

  6. I am going to send you birthday wishes anyway!!! Many happy returns………..

    I identified with your eMail because I too am an only child who is fortunate enough to have her dear mom at the age of 91.(just turned)
    Your mom has provided you with such a lovely link to herself, in so many ways. May you wear and enjoy your mom’s ring with much happiness, and spirit of love.I’ll just bet than this is one VERY special gift of heart……..

  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful responses to my story. I enjoy knowing you are out there and reading my entries. I’m pleased that I could bring some memories your way.

  8. I, too, took care of my Mom. She lived with us for 8 years. I understand the slow dance, my Mom was an angel on Earth so I have no doubt that she is also one in Heaven.

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