The Mystery of the Rattling Boots



It’s been many months since I wore my cowboy boots, but yesterday seemed like the day to get them down from the top shelf in the closet and put them on.
As I brought them down, however, I heard an unusual rattle that I thought came from the left boot.

Now, all Texans know that it’s not a good idea to stick your hand down in your boot if you hear something suspicious; so I just turned the boot upside down to see what would fall out. I was, of course  prepared to use the other boot to smush what ever was in there.

It’s good to be prepared but what came out was nothing to be feared.


It was only macaroni. As I pondered how in the world that one piece of pasta got into my boot, I noticed the other boot emitted a similar rattling sound. Less afraid, I dumped out the contents of the second boot and founds another single macaroni shell – nothing more.

I looked for other pasta clues on the shelf where the boots had been, but found nothing. Hmm . . . a mystery. Initially I thought a rodent might have deposited the pasta, but my spouse assured me it would have been quite a feat for a mouse to carry a pasta shell half its size all the way from the kitchen to the top shelf in the bedroom closet. Then, there’s that problem of how the rodent would have skinnied up my boots.

Next, I wondered how my three-year-old grandson might have completed the pasta-to-boot trick. Just the day before, when I removed my bracelet mandrel from the vice, several small objects fell out of it. I DO know who put those in it! Yet, it seems unlikely that any small urchin could have placed or thrown anything so accurately into my boots on the high shelf.

So, the mystery remains. How did that pasta get into my boots? Will it happen again? Should boots come complete with lids to keep things out of them? OR should boots be stored upside down?

I guess we have enough to wonder about without lamenting too much about the rattling boots; yet, it is a mystery. I just hope that pasta is the only rattling thing that ever gets in my boots.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Rattling Boots”

  1. Karen, That was really a great post… Coming from Texas, I was really expecting something a little more sinister….than pasta!

    My guess was hubby did it. I do store my boots upside down…thanks for the laugh!

  2. At first, I thought maybe you put them in there to absorb moisture maybe? but forgot you had done so. I am guilty of having done things I’ve read or heard about to see if it works and forgetting to go back and check the outcome!

  3. I was betting either mouse, or MY favorite,
    Scorpion! I beg to differ with Don, cousin.
    I think Gus the mouse could easily put
    macaroni in your boot. I had a basket of
    Hershey Kisses on the table at the office.
    They took the whole basketful, one at a time,
    into the bathroom down the hall!

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