Today I put in the links for a few jewelry related articles that I have written. You will find them on the right below the etsy shop listing. There you will see 17 articles I’ve written thus far for Magpie Gemstones (www.magpiegemstones.com). (The next one on making headpins will be out next week) I also write a short blog entry for them each week. These articles have been fun to write and I’ve enjoyed the research process that I undertook for many of them. This online bead company tries to determine what their customers are interested in, determine needed information about issues in designing and making jewelry and then provide free online help. (I think I’m supposed to be some of the help . . . ) If you have interest in any of the topics, take a gander at the articles. Most of them are pretty short and contain pictures. Go ahead, take a read: I wrote them for you. (By the way, there are also many excellent articles which I didn’t write at their site.)

On another note, I have a skunk update. Today, the dog that got spraying by the skunk earlier in the week saw the critter again. Luckily the dog was in his fenced in yard and the skunk was outside it. I went to the window and the dog literally POINTED at the skunk. I POINTED at my spouse and he POINTED the gun at the skunk. Skunk GONE. I wonder how many friends it had . . . ? I guess we will find out.