Brad Meador
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Brad Meador - San Francisco Singer/Songwriter
Brad Meador
75 Folsom Street #1501
San Francisco, CA 94105
My name is Brad Meador, I live in San Francisco, and I play music when I'm not working on the day job.  I hate artist bios that espouse the "exploration of dichotomous human relationships through sensitive folk music in a minor key," so I'll try and spare you.  I've been playing music all my life because it makes me happy and I share it with others in the hopes that they'll enjoy it too.  That might sound odd from somebody who sings about pain, rain and driving at night - usually minus the rain and driving - but that's the nature of the blues.  The music is largely acoustic guitar-based Americana with a dose of twang that comes from growing up in the Deep South.  In my earlier stuff you'll hear hints of Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, James Taylor and David Wilcox.  In my later stuff hopefully you'll hear hints of Brad Meador.  I'm not terribly prolific, but I hope to one day to write that perfect love song that is equal parts joy and heartbreak.  Watch my blog for posts on new music (mine and others), upcoming gigs and anything else that captures my fancy.   if you want to talk - I'd love to hear from you.