I’m preparing to teach my newly designed Hot Metal Mania class in a couple of weeks. I’m very excited to be able to include prong settings in the curriculum using both sterling silver and copper settings.


I originally set out to just do the type of prong setting that has a back plate, like those below. (The first piece really does hang straight, I just rushed with the photo.)



prong setting

These require carefully fitting wire prongs snuggly into holes in the back plate and soldering them in place. I made quite a mess of the first few I tried, but persevered and finally figured it out. This has all manner of possibilities for embellishment.

Since I want my students to work some with sterling silver, I figured out a reasonably simple and fairly inexpensive way to make prong settings that have open backs such as those below.

pr2prongs 6


You can see the open back in the photo below.


I went ahead and wrote a tutorial with photos on this one for my students and also put it in my etsy store. This type prong setting really emphasizes the beauty of the stone.

My current challenge is to QUIT making prong settings and move to the next design. I’m just enjoying these so much that I hate to stop. But then . . . surely I need a bit more practice; don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Prongs”

  1. So funny that this should show up in my inbox today. I am very new to soldering, but never one to take things slow, I decided my first full project would include a prong set cabochon, with decorative back plate. I read a little bit about it and watched a tutorial on youtube. However, that method just didn’t work for me. I thought I had gotten it earlier this evening, but it needed to sit in the pickle a bit for me to be sure. I took a break. When I pulled it out of the pickle, there it was, beautifully soldered with hardly any clean up needed! It’s so nice when things come together.

  2. Good for you Diane! I’m glad you tackled this and that it turned out well. You might like the backless prong setting too. Take a look at my tutorial on etsy and see what you think.

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