It’s Cursive

“Joined up writing” or “running writing”, aka cursive formed the basis of the idea behind the pieces shown here. I think of cursive as continuous movement and connection between alphabet letters to form words as opposed to printing wherein each letter is made separately. It works for words; so why not for wire?

I’ve always hesitated to cross wires in a piece because I like a hammered look and hammering crossed wires weakens them. With the bracelets below, I simply avoided hammering the crossing points and hammered around them. It was tricky, but turned out OK.

I enjoy making this style because it naturally flows from one end to the other and forms a sturdy bracelet. I instituted a clasp on the first bracelet shown, but felt it was not needed on the second one since is was narrower.

cursive bracelet      cursive bracelet2

This necklace evolved after I took one of the cursive bracelets to a boutique and the owner kept wanting to make it into a choker. It doesn’t have any crossed wires and technically shouldn’t be labeled cursive. I was largely concerned with filling the space of the piece with swirls that fit together. The trick on this piece was to go back and bind those curves in place so they wouldn’t change shape. This turned out to be a very comfortable, yet unique, necklace. I can usually tell if it is TOO unique the first time I wear the piece. I had this on the other night and individuals kept looking at it, but not turning away. If they turn away, I assume it’s not pleasing. (But they could just be nice people . . . ?)

cursive necklace

Next, I would like to experiment with a necklace wherein the wire forms a V in the from as opposed to this arc shape. I’ll let you know if that hatches.

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